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What is a Buying Community?

A group of people coming together with an interest in buying the same products and services. Buying collectively gives a community the power to affect prices.

How can it help you and others?

Simply put, great discounts for everyone on day to day purchases as well as ad-hoc and luxury purchases. Additionally there is a potential of earning some money for yourself or for your favourite charity

How can I earn money for myself or for my favourite charity?


A socially conscious individual who generates social value from his/her efforts, while still making a profit

-- Urban Dictionary
A Buying Community needs a good organiser. We believe that if you give your valuable time and do a good job than you should be rewarded. As an organiser you will save money on your purchases and ALSO earn some extra money for yourself or you may decide to give the money to your favourite charity. In both cases you will be helping yourself and others.

The Usortd marketplace gives you freedom to ...

To earn money and help others

Your members may reward you if they think you are doing a good job in running the buying community. You will also be able to generate an income by getting sellers to sponsor your community.

We provide you with the tools to generate the income.......


Sell sponsored links to relevant sellers

eg. 4 sellers each paying £5 a month = £20 a month


Your community members can reward you financially

eg. you have 30 members, each of them saved £5 on a group deal you set up with a seller. So as a thank you each member gives you 50p for a job well done this = £15 from 1 group deal

Or donate your earnings to a charity

If you decide to give the money you earn to your favourite charity. You can do this through Usortd marketplace. It is completely FREE to create, organise and run a Buying Community

To find out if you are suited for organising a Buying Community please answer the following questions

  1. Do you want to save money on things you buy?
  2. Do you want to help others to save money on their purchases?
  3. Do you currently volunteer, help in your local community or help a charity? If not would you like to?
  4. What are you passionate about or interested in?
    Eg music festivals
  5. What products / services do you buy on a regular basis?
    Eg festival tickets
  6. Do you have an existing relationship with those sellers?
  7. How many people do you know who share the same interest as you?
  8. Could you convince people you dont know who have the same interest to join your Community?
    Eg are you a member of a specific interest based forum or read particular blogs

If you have answered yes at least 4 times and know a minimum of 10 people who share the same interest then ...

You could be a Socialpreneur in the making ... still interested?

Creating and customising the Buying Community

Once you have filled in the online form, the homepage for the Buying Community is created. Your page is now ready to start building your community.

There are plenty of tools available to help you to build and make your community a success. You can now customise the look and invite/accept members and sellers.

You now have 60 days to ...


Get 30 people to join your Buying Community.


Recommend 6 relevant and matching sellers. It's free for them to join with no monthly subscriptions, no contract and the freedom to decide how much they want to pay us as a service fee.


Try to get at least 3 sellers to buy a sponsored link at £5 / month. (sellers pay directly into your/your charity's paypal account)

We are here to help you at every step. Just ask :)

Are you ready to create something remarkable?