About Us

Usortd is a unique social enterprise which is changing how we buy and sell online. We focus on openness, trust and fair play for both buyers and sellers where collective buying power unlocks great discounts on everyday products and services.

With Usortd the profits and responsibilities are shared between the different communities who benefit from the marketplace.

Our Mission



The Sometimes and First times of Usortd

The Sometimes and First times of UsortdEddie starts work on a marketplace for community buying Lots of concentration and high spiritsSometimes it was goodSometimes it was badSometimes it was excitingSometimes it was awesomeJan joins our ranksSometimes we worked through the nightSometimes we restedSometimes Jans genius showed, <br>other times not so muchWe listened to the buying communitiesWe made a few changes along the wayThe money is getting tightSometimes Eddie had weird dreamsAnd had out of the box ideasSome were good ..Others worried usSometimes we partied and woke up in weird placesSometimes we ate junk food Sometimes we didn't eat, we just drank a lot of coffeeSometimes we argued but agreed eventually, this is good apparentlyAnd finally, we go to public beta with the first online marketplace for community buyingWe already have a few firstsThe First Marketplace for collective buying where buyers tell sellers what they wantThe First Marketplace where sellers 'Pay What They Want' as service fees. We call it FairFeeThe First Marketplace where anyone can start their own Buying Community<h2>The First Buying Community</h2>Chocolate Lovers Buying Club<h2>The First StoreFront goes live</h2>R.H. Plumbing & Heating<h2>The First Product Demand</h2>Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies<h2>The First Group Deal</h2>Gas Safety Certificates